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Tunnel of Love

Ukraine is a destination that is well worth taking a look at when looking for a romantic place to travel to. In fact, the country has quite a few places with great appeal to the romantic spirit of newly-in-loves.

The so-called “Tunnel of Love” is one of those getaway spots that can really warm a heart. Located near the village of Klevan, where there is also a medieval castle, the tunnel attracts couples from all over the country to take a hand-in-hand walk or to have a wedding picture taken. Klevan can be found near Rivne in northwestern Ukraine.

Legend has it that anything wished for while walking through the tunnel will come true, provided the wish was sincere. A little less romantic is the story on how the tunnel came to be. There is a factory nearby that gets logs three times a day, delivered by train. This said train uses the otherwise unused tracks through a canopy of densely grown trees and has thus, little by little, formed the tunnel, which is about three kilometers long. Couples who want to take a stroll should therefore keep their ears open in case it is delivery time for the factory again.

The place is especially beautiful in the spring and summer months, when the foliage is so dense that one can hardly look outside from within the tunnel, but it also looks great and no less romantic when it is covered in snow in the winter. The attraction is surprisingly little known, but locals can certainly give visitors directions.

Tunnel of Love 1
Tunnel of Love 2